Lead Generation Services for B2B


LinkedIn is THE Best Business Networking website to-date. So there is no better place than LinkedIn to go hang your business advertisement banners, as it is the only such site with almost, more than 2 users registering per second. And the users will mostly be registering for business reasons.

On Linked In, the chances of your advertisements yielding high quality leads with greater conversion rates, are huge, as the users of such a business networking site tend to look almost only for business oriented content, when compared to other networking sites where people tend to login for entertainment and relaxation and hence tend to do and look for personal chatting and entertainment oriented content postings.

Targeted Website and Business Traffic

Increased Interest in Your Businesses Services

Send Up To 500 Targeted Linkedin Messages Daily

Automated Lead Generation - Set and Forget Technology

Get Your Message in Front of Business Executives

We know that your ultimate goal is the highest return of investment possible, and customer service is the upmost important to us. Driving new business leads has never been easier.

Why LinkedIn?

At LinkedIn Blaster, we offer lead generation using internet's largest b2b networking tool. Our online marketing model puts to use, the best lead generation tools, which bring more traffic to your website. Also the traffic that is driven to your website will comprise of mostly relevant people and not much of those, that just pay a one-time visit and move away for good. Directing right people to the right place at the right time has been the key to our success.

Social media marketing is a prime tool for any business lead generation technique, both in case of Business to Consumer and Business to Business. Internet revolution has taken Businesses by storm and each and every business owner today is more concerned about their presence and its value on Social Media due to the reach it has which is very wide and diverse. A recent research on the performance of online marketing programs of 10,000 companies, declares that LinkedIn yielded the top visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.75%, nearly 3 times better than Facebook (.76%) and Twitter (.68%).

Advantages of our service:

1) The traffic generated towards your website will be targeted audience to the highest percentage.

2) Interest in your business services will be higher as the audience is more appropriate.

3) Daily targeted LinkedIn message count allowed is up to 500.

4) Automatic Lead Generation – Once the program is set, nothing needs to be remembered or reminded, for it to work and keep generating leads.

5) There are many high profile members and senior executives using LinkedIn day in and day out. So the chances of catching the eyes of decision makers are huge.

At the end of the day, Return on Investment is the keyword that runs in the mind of every business owner. So to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied in that regards, customer service is our area of prime focus. With us you’ll soon identify that online marketing is the simplest way to generate new business leads and thereby increase your profits multi-fold.